Best Bluestacks Alternatives

Bluestacks is a popular Android emulator available on PC. We all have wanted to play android games on our PC at some point. Thankfully we have emulator services like Bluestacks open. It allows users to try android apps and games on Windows and macOS.  It is a practical application when it comes to running smartphone apps on the PC. The form can be entirely resourced hungry. The good news is that there are many other options available online. Low-end computers might have problems running this application on their computers.

Today we will have a look at Bluestacks alternatives for PC devices. This software will provide you with similar features and maybe even better experience. 

Bluestacks Alternatives – Best Android Emulators

Bluestacks is the most important and oldest android emulation service. It is tough to replace an application that started game emulations. Only recently, a few developers have been able to replicate the software successfully. Many renowned apps work with Windows and macOS devices. Let’s have a look at the options available to us. 

1. NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is a fantastic android emulator on its own. The software focuses on gaming services as well, and it runs Android 7. It is not the latest version of the OS, but it can run all apps and games. The emulator can install applications through APK files. It also has official support for the google play store. It will work with mid-range PC’s and does not take up a lot of your resources. It is a fantastic application to play games like PUBG or COD Mobile.

Key Specifications:

  • Key Mapping – Gaming becomes simple with Nox players. The application allows users to customize their controls on the app. There are on display tutorials to get you accustomed as well. Users can easily play mobile games with keyboard and mouse. 
  • Multi-Instance – Running multiple instances of a game can be beneficial. It will help users to play on different accounts from the same PC. It enables users to level up quickly. 
  • Macros – This feature helps to avoid doing repetitive tasks. Users can record their responses and use shortcuts to repeat them. 

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2. MemuPlay

MemuPlay is a competitor for bluestacks. It has been developed recently. The software offers higher speed and better image processing to the users. It is helpful for android gaming on PC. MemuPlay provides users with the most powerful gaming experience on PC. It supports 60FPS gameplay for most titles, including renowned games like PUBG mobile. The overall quality of gameplay and the experience is breathtaking on the platform. 

Key Specifications:

  • Graphics – The software supports OpenGL and Direct 3DX services on windows. It is a fantastic platform to try out gaming. MemuPlay is also proven to be 2.3X better than its competition in this department. 
  • Smart Controls – This feature is a necessity in any gaming emulator. It helps users to utilize the keyboard and mouse as input for the software. It will connect seamlessly with any app and game. The software works instantly and doesn’t need to be set up. 
  • Instances – MemuPlay is known to run multiple cases together. It enables users to run all the games smoothly efficiently. You can sign in using different accounts to play the games. 

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3. LDPlayer

It is yet another bluestacks alternative. The software can be used to run all android games and apps seamlessly. The app works with all of your windows devices. A Chinese software company has developed it.  The emulator is available in 2 versions on the official website. Users can download the Android 5.1 or android 7.1 version. It is entirely up to your discretion which software you download. Both versions will perform the same functions.

The Android 7.1 operating system will have higher validity. It has been developed for gaming purposes only. 

Key Specifications:

  • LD Store – The emulator has its official application store. The store works quite well and has a massive collection of android games and apps. 
  • Video recorder – The software can be used to record videos. It is the perfect emulator for users who want to record gameplay footage easily. It works with any game that is installed on the platform. 
  • Mapping – Users can play any game on the platform with their keyboard or mouse. You can customize the controls according to your requirements. 

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4. KoPlayer

The KoPlayer emulator is a suitable application for users who want to install lightweight services. It works well with old school games like subway surfers and temple run. The emulator is a little early in comparison to the other options here. 

The software is available on both Windows and macOS platforms. The software is also helpful to run entertainment apps from android. The emulator can be used to run services like popcorn time, Showbox, and movie box on PC. 

Key Specifications:

  • Small Size – The emulator does not take up a lot of space on your PC. It is quick to download and is only a download of a few MBs. 
  • Low requirements – The emulator will work with all significant windows and macOS devices. It is a must-have emulator for machines that cannot run resource-heavy emulators. It takes only a few seconds to load up. 
  • Resourceful – The emulator supports the google play store. It can be used to download any app or game on the emulator. It is the perfect emulator solution for casual use. 

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5. Tencent Gaming Buddy/Gameloop emulator

Tencent is a famous Chinese game developer. They have a distribution license for renowned games like PUBG mobile and COD mobile. Their official emulator works only for android games. It is also known as the Gameloop emulator.

Users can download popular android games and get the best experience on the platform. We have tested this software for resource-intensive games. They all work flawlessly, and many even provide 60FPS HD gameplay. 

Key Specifications:

  • HD gaming – Tencent and the game loop give a high quality. Users can enjoy 1080P resolution on PC devices. Do not miss out on quality by playing on a bigger screen. 
  • Online store – Gameloop has its store available on the software. It enables gamers to download all of their favorite content. The emulator supports major FPS games. 
  • Network acceleration – It is a premium feature that is rarely found in an emulator. The service enables the software to get you quickly connected with worldwide gaming servers. It helps in getting higher speeds while gaming. 

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Bluestacks is a renowned android emulator available on both Windows and macOS. It can be quite hectic on your device hardware. In this article, we covered many other emulator software. There is an emulator for your requirements on this list. Take a gander and find the perfect one for you. We hope that now you can smoothly run android apps on your PC. Follow our guide to try out the mobile apps today.

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