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iMessage for PC – Download is Available For Windows?

iMessage, developed by Apple, is an instant messaging service for iOS users. Though the messaging app has many amazing features, the only part which lags in is that it is not yet officially launched for android and PC users. However, there are some tricks by which one can use this messaging app on their PC, but before that, it’s essential to know the fantastic features of this app.

How to Download iMessage for PC?

iMessage on PC


Although this application is not available for the Windows platform, there are three ways to download iMessage for PC, and they are as follows.

Methods to Use iMessage on PC Windows:

Method1: Using the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

There is one popular extension provided by Google Chrome called the Chrome remote desktop. This tool is used for connecting a computer with another computer using a different set of protocols.


Chrome Remote Desktop extension

Initially, you have to download Google Chrome on your Mac and also on the Windows platform. Later, with the help of a chrome extension store, download the Chrome remote desktop on both devices. Install and launch the app, and make sure that all the log in detail you’ll be providing will be accurate. Later, there will be a security code given to you just after you login on Google extension, but make sure that you don’t share it with anyone else. In the end, move the app drawer and access iMessage on your PC, and enjoy texting all day long.

Method2: Using Cydia iOS App

Note: you need to jailbreak your iOS to use this method.

Once you jailbreak your iOS device, you can do lots of customizations because the stock iOS doesn’t let the user do various actions. The Cydia app over here acts as a communication medium between the windows PC and the iOS device.

using Cydia iOS app


Quickly download and install the Cydia app through any trusted website, and launch it through the app launcher. By enabling the authentication option from the Cydia app, there will be a screen wherein you have to register yourself by providing the apple ID and password. The Windows PC and iPhone should be connected to a single wifi network, note down the IP address and the port number which is displayed on the screen, and open your browser and enter the noted details over there.

The browser will further ask you for your login credentials, and now you’re ready to use iMessage on your PC.

Method3: Using an Emulator

As the emulator connects two devices, this software tool can also help you to use iMessage on your Windows PC. For this, download and install an emulator, and accept all the terms and conditions for the launch. Through the search bar, search for the iMessage app and download the same. With that, you’re ready to use iMessage for PC.

  • First, you download the Bluestacks Emulator on your device.
    Downloading Bluestacks
  • After download installs it on your PC. It will take hardly one or two minutes.
  • Once it is done, then run the emulator.
  • The search box will appear. Inbox type iMessage, and you will be headed to the App store page.

Download Bluestacks on pc using Bluestacks

  • Download the app and then set up the iMessage.

Final Words:

Conclusively, there are lots of amazing features provided by iMessage, and hence many of us want this app on Windows too. The above-given methods will not only help you to use and launch the iMessage on your PC, but also many amazing features will be disclosed just after a single use, and it’s free of cost!

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